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A funny thing happened during the Great Recession - many people who found themselves suddenly out of work or with less disposable income realized that they could find much of what they needed at second-hand stores. Some even found they could sell gently-used clothes at upscale consignment boutiques. And many learned that recycling and reusing is even fun, more fun sometimes than paying full price at the mall.

recycle codes 1-7 Meanwhile, recycling has entered a new and more convenient phase with many communities and private haulers offering single-stream recycling where you can put all your glass, paper and plastic recyclables together in one curbside bin. It's even fun to compete with your neighbors to shrink your trash bin and increase your recycling containers.

Here are some links to help you get started:
Denver Resale Shops:

Denver: (
Boulder (Eco-Cycle): (
Fort Collins: (
Colorado Association of Recycling: (
Colorado Recycles: (
Colorado Recycling Services: (
Facility Cycle: ( allows facility managers and others to recycle
MeTech: ( for electronic recycling
Waste Management Recycle America: (


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