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Mitsubishi iMiEV electric car

Photo Courtesy of DOE/NREL, Mitsubishi iMiEV electric car

2010 Washington, D.C. Auto Show NREL's Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)








Photo on Left Courtesy of DOE/NREL, 2010 Washington, D.C. Auto Show

Photo on Right Courtesy of DOE/NREL, NREL's Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

As turmoil in the Middle East again reminds Americans of our vulnerability to imported oil, interest in using less oil continues to increase.

Whether you want tips for better fuel economy or ways to ditch a car entirely, these links can help you get started:

Fuel Economy

Tips for fuel economy from the federal government’s official site: (

Gas saving tips: ( has information about increasing fuel efficiency: (

Energy Efficient Vehicles and alternative fuels

--The Rocky Mountain Institute has been working for 20 years in vehicle efficiency and mobility: (

Alternative fuels and vehicles (

--The National Renewable Energy Laboratory works to advance energy efficient vehicles and alternative fuels: (

Mass Transit and ride sharing

The Regional Transportation District offers mass transit alternatives in metro Denver: (

A ride-sharing matching services: (

A carpool finder: (

Reducing your car use

Telework assistance: (

-- ( provides environmentally healthy ways of transportation.

RTD’s bike and ride service combines transit with biking: (

A temporary car service: (

Alternate vehicles: scooters, bikes

Bicycle Colorado promotes bicycling: ( including responses to excuses for not commuting by bike: (

Electric bikes: (

Make your own electric bike: (


Peak Oil Primer: (

The Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas: (


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