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Biomass has been used for energy since early humans started burning wood for power. Today, millions of people still rely on biomass for heat and wood is still the largest biomass energy resource.

Hybrid cottonwood tree farmThe mountain pine beetle epidemic in Colorado has sparked new interest in using biomass for fuel, as lodge pole pine forests across the state are ravaged by beetles and uses are sought for the dead wood.

Some innovative projects use dead trees to heat large facilities. In Gilpin County, for example, the public works building is heated with chips ground from dead trees that residents can drop off.

Photo Courtesy of DOE/NREL, Hybrid cottonwood tree farm

Milled whole tree productInterest is also growing in making pellets from wood and using them for fuel in clean-burning stoves. A pellet mill recently opened in Silver Plume, for example, to supply pellets from beetle-killed wood to the Front Range: (

Biomass, which includes materials ranging from energy crops to municipal landfill waste can be used for fuels, power product and products that are now mostly made from oil-based products.

Photo Courtesy of DOE/NREL, Milled whole tree product

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