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Around the nation, individuals and communities are coming together to explore ways of living more gently on the planet. In Colorado, more people are searching for food that is grown by a nearby farmer, or in a backyard garden. They are finding that it’s healthier and tastier to eat local.

Student races in the 1st annual Solar Bike Rayce at South Table MesaRather than hopping in a car for every errand, people are exploring alternatives. Whether it’s using the extensive network of buses and light rail in metro Denver or trying out life as a bike commuter in many parts of Colorado, Coloradans are finding ways to burn less fossil fuel in their daily lives.


Photo Courtesy of DOE/NREL, Student races in the 1st annual Solar Bike Rayce at South Table Mesa

Recycle signsWhile recycling has been around for a long time, many communities make it easier by offering curbside options where you can toss all your recyclables in one bin. And Coloradans are learning that it’s easier on the wallet- and sometimes more fun- to explore purchasing clothes and household items in thrift stores and the new upscale consignment shops.

In our arid climate, water is expected to grow scarcer as climate change takes hold. That’s why it’s always prudent to carefully manage this precious resource and think about alternatives to pouring so much on a lawn.

These movements dovetail with growing awareness of the interconnection between dwindling supplies of fossil energy, looming shortages of fresh water, and insecurities in the food system. By growing more self-reliant, we can make our communities stronger and our resources more dependable.
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